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Month: November 2016

Dinosaur Toys for Preschoolers: Paleontology Fun For Little Ones

Dinosaur egg kit for preschoolers

No need to look any further for the best dinosaur toys for preschoolers — I’ve got the top toy right here! Leading up to my daughter’s birthday, I searched and searched for a STEM dinosaur toy that she would think is cool, but that would also teach her something. Guys, I hit. The. Jackpot. with these dinosaur eggs. I happened across them accidentally when I was searching for something else, […]

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Fisher Price Learning Toys for Babies: Colorful Stacking Cups Fun For Infants

Fisher Price Learning Toys for Babies

Looking for Fisher Price learning toys for babies? You’ve come to the right place. I believe the Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Stack & Roll Cups is one of the absolute best toys you can purchase for your budding baby genius. As a bonus—this toy is one of the least expensive out there!  This particular learning toy comes with 10 stackable, colored cups and one jingly smiley-face ball. The cups can be […]

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Top Educational Toys for Preschoolers: Pair Dinosaurs and Science Books

top educational toys for preschoolers

What makes the so-called top educational toys for preschoolers the best? In my house, the most-loved toys play on the curiosity of my daughter. Preschoolers have an insatiable curiosity. Whenever I can tap into that with a combination of toys and facts, I know I’ve come up with something she’ll love. I’ve tried this on many different occasions and failed more often than I’ve succeeded. At least one time, though, […]

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What’re the Best Educational Toys For Toddlers? Try This Kids Laptop to Teach Technology, Literacy

Technology toys for toddlers

I have people ask me all the time: What’re the best educational toys for toddlers? That’s a loaded question of course, because there are so, so many wonderful STEM toys for toddlers out there! I could (and obviously do!) talk about the top STEM toys for days and weeks and months and… you get it. Anyway, one of our absolute favorite education toys for toddlers is My First Leaptop from […]

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Top STEM Books For Kids: ‘Bedtime Math’ Series Makes A Great Gift

Top STEM Books for preschoolers

While looking for some STEM books for kids, I came across the Bedtime Math series by Laura Overdeck. There are three books in her math series, but I initially only ordered one of them, just to give it a try. Soon after, I ordered the other two books in the series. Shhh, don’t tell her, but she will be getting them for Christmas. I guarantee she will be pumped! The […]

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