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Top Educational Toys for Preschoolers: Pair Dinosaurs and Science Books

What makes the so-called top educational toys for preschoolers the best? In my house, the most-loved toys play on the curiosity of my daughter. Preschoolers have an insatiable curiosity. Whenever I can tap into that with a combination of toys and facts, I know I’ve come up with something she’ll love.

top educational toys for preschoolersI’ve tried this on many different occasions and failed more often than I’ve succeeded. At least one time, though, I managed to come up with the perfect birthday gift. That was two years ago, and I know I came up with a winner because she still plays with these science-oriented toys today.

Guys, it was so simple I’m almost embarrassed to tell you about it. But here goes.

In order to capture my daughter’s imagination, I packaged a gift made up of toy dinosaurs and dinosaur books. It was an absolute hit. She loved it. But I think there was a specific thing that made this one of the top educational toys for preschoolers in our household.

I truly believe that the success of this gift was made possible by this particular book.

Top Educational Toys for Preschoolers: The Best Dinosaur Book to Introduce Toddlers to Science

 Dinosaur ParadeDinosaur Parade was the perfect book to pair with plastic dinosaurs for three reasons. Here’s why it worked for us:

~The concept of the book is fun. My daughter loved lining up the dinosaurs for a parade just like the character in the book does.
~The book introduces a lot of different dinosaurs—many I had never heard of—which sent us looking for more information about them.
~The book is simple, so it’s appropriate for small children, but at the same time it discusses attributes of the various dinos. The bright colorful illustrations help engage preschoolers, also.



Top Educational Toys for Preschoolers: Dinosaur Science

By now you know that I paired this book with a set of plastic dinosaur figurines. There are tons of these sets out there, but I chose to go with some of larger dinosaurs. At the time I ordered them, she was turning two years old and I wanted to make sure I got something big enough for her little hands to be able to manipulate.

The set I ordered was nice because it had a wide variety of dinosaurs (12 total), and we were able to match a lot of them to the types of dinosaurs in the book. Also, they’ve held up nicely throughout the past few years. I consider them to be a good buy.

 Fun Express Large Assorted Dinosaur Toy Figures – 12 Pieces


The Top Educational Toys for Preschoolers Allow Knowledge Growth

One of the absolute best things about this dinosaur gift? It grew with my daughter, so to speak. It’s been two years since this gift and we’ve since supplemented my preschooler’s dinosaur knowledge with other dinosaur books, including the super-fun Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs: The Definitive Popup and 1,000 Extreme and Extraordinary Dinosaur Facts.

The combination of the books and the dinosaur figurines has helped my sponge-like daughter to absorb as much as she can about dinosaurs, and her vast knowledge on the prehistoric beasts astounds me every day. I’m thrilled to know that she’s found a way to combine her love of reading and natural science in such a fun way.

What makes for great educational toys in your household?

Here are some of the books I mentioned above:

 Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs : The Definitive Pop-Up 1000 Extreme & Extraordinary Dinosaur Facts (Discovery Kids)


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