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What’re the Best Educational Toys For Toddlers? Try This Kids Laptop to Teach Technology, Literacy

I have people ask me all the time: What’re the best educational toys for toddlers? That’s a loaded question of course, because there are so, so many wonderful STEM toys for toddlers out there! I could (and obviously do!) talk about the top STEM toys for days and weeks and months and… you get it.

Anyway, one of our absolute favorite education toys for toddlers is My First Leaptop from Leap Frog. I think it’s a cool educational toy because it does two things: It teaches my toddler about the most basic elements of how computers work, and it’s filled with all kinds of literacy activities. Technology and literacy in the same toy? That’s a big win, if you ask me!Technology toys for toddlers

What’re the Best Educational Toys for Toddlers? This Laptop, of course!
 LeapFrog My Own Leaptop, Green

Due to a fluke milk accident, my girls are actually on their second of these laptops. We loved it so much that after the first one was ruined, we decided to purchase it again.

Special features of Leapfrog Kids’ Laptop:
~Features all 26 letters of the alphabet, with sounds and animals to match each letter.
~Teaches toddlers to spell their name.
~Allows toddlers to send pretend emails to characters.
~Has 16 songs, all of which reinforce literacy skills taught on the computer.
~Four different settings: ABCs, Messages, Games, Music

Why We Love This Kids Laptop

This educational toy introduces toddlers to two things that are absolutely essential for success later in life: It teaches the basics of computer technology with a keyboard, a laptop-like screen, and pretend emails.

Additionally, the literacy tools on this laptop—the ABCs and songs, for example—can’t be beat. There are a lot of interesting animals and opportunities for toddlers to build vocabulary with this electronic toy, which I absolutely love.

As you can see, this laptop has a lot of really cool features for little ones. Because I spend my working time on my computer, my daughters see the laptop as a way to imitate me and pretend they’re working too. We all know that pretend play is great for brain development, so that’s nice.

Top Technology Toys For Toddlers

As I mentioned, we’ve actually purchased this laptop twice. Here’s why.

What're the best educational toys for toddlers?My older daughter received this educational toy on her second birthday, and she played with it nonstop. She absolutely loved this thing, and within weeks I noticed she could pick out letters from the keyboard. She took it with her all over the house, and since she was two, she dropped it quite a bit. Believe me when I say I can speak to it’s durability! It took a beating, and it still worked really well.

I was impressed at how well the toy held up to her abuse, but I was REALLY impressed when her younger sister spilled a cup of milk on it and it still worked! I dried it out and let it sit upside down for a few days, and my girls were still able to play with it. We ultimately ended up replacing it because it started to stink from the milk I wasn’t able to clean out, but I feel like that was a fluke thing. I don’t see that happening to most people, haha!

But anyway, my point is that we really, really liked this toy—enough to buy it a second time, with the idea that the girls would take better care of it this time.

So there it is. Next time someone asks you what’re the best educational toys for toddlers, maybe you’ll have a solid answer—and you  may even be able to whip out this laptop and show them! If you’re looking for it in a color other than pink, check out the other models below.

 LeapFrog My Own Leaptop, Green Leapfrog My Own Laptop Leaptop Learning Computer Toy Violet Pink


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