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Best Math Toys for Toddlers: Colorful Pegs Teach Numbers, Math Functions

There are so many great STEM toys out there, so it’s difficult to come up with a list of the best math toys for toddlers. Luckily, I’m not making a list today, but if I were, this toy would absolutely be on it.

This peg toy is an absolute favorite for my younger daughter, and I must admit: I love it too. I think she loves it because it’s colorful and because the pegs are the perfect size for her little hands. I love it because it teaches so many important and basic skills.

Toddlers Can Begin Learning Math Young — Give Them a Hand with One of These Math Toys

 Peg Board Set with Pattern Card by Skoolzy – Fine Motor Toy for Toddlers and Preschoolers Occupational Therapy Montessori Color Recognition SortingI mean, let’s be honest: This peg board teaches a lot of different skills, many of which aren’t at all related to math. We’ll get into that, but first, let’s pause and look at the mathematical benefits, first.

5 Reasons to love this math toy for toddlers:
1. Colors allow children to build patterns.

2. Teaches numbers as towers grow taller. For older children, the toy can help teach graphing.

3. Exposes children to addition as they add pegs.

4. Exposes children to subtraction as they remove pegs.

5. Allows children to create and figure out how things work.



Other Reasons to Love This Toy for Toddlers

So far, lots of good reasons to love this toy. And this is where I say “And that’s not all!” ha.

Best math toys for toddlersThe peg board teaches a lot of things that aren’t exactly mathematical. For example, it comes with 30 pegs in nine colors, which allows toddlers the opportunity to work on and master color recognition.

Additionally, the plastic pegs are a perfect size for little toddler hands, and they encourage the development of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Eight different pattern cards are included with the toy so that kids can begin to learn the basics of patterning from a young age.

When my daughter started out playing with this toy, she could only stack one or two pegs at a time. She’s been playing with it for quite some time now, and today she was able to build a tower taller than herself! She was quite proud to see the toddler-sized tower—watching her clap her hands, point and giggle was priceless.

Best Math Toys For Toddlers: This One Is In the Classroom

In the interest of full-disclosure I will say that we don’t actually have this toy in our home, but my daughter does have it in her toddler classroom at school. That’s where I first saw this math toy, and I can say that, without fail, my daughter plays with these pegs every single week. They’re arguably her favorite toy in the classroom.

Because we don’t own them at home, I can’t say with certainty that I’ve linked to the brand we play with here in this post. For that reason I’ve added a few different options below, all of which have very good reviews on Amazon.

If this toy is good enough for my daughters classroom, it’s good enough for me! I believe it to be one of the best math toys for toddlers out there, and I’d venture a guess and say the budding math whiz in your life will love it, too.

 Learning Resources Rainbow Peg Play Activity Set Lacing Colors & Shapes Peg Board Set with Pattern Card, Tote and FREE Activity Guide PDF – A Montessori Fine Motor, Color Recognition, Sorting, Counting Stacking Toy & Occupational Therapy Tool



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