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Fisher Price Learning Toys for Babies: Colorful Stacking Cups Fun For Infants

Looking for Fisher Price learning toys for babies? You’ve come to the right place. I believe the Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Stack & Roll Cups is one of the absolute best toys you can purchase for your budding baby genius. As a bonus—this toy is one of the least expensive out there! 

This particular learning toy comes with 10 stackable, colored cups and one jingly smiley-face ball. The cups can be stacked or nested into balls, which was really fun for my babies. The bright colors made the toy attractive to my girls, and as soon as they could sit up, it was always one of the first toys they reached for. (Not to say that a smaller baby couldn’t use this toy—it’s perfect for tummy time!)

 Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Stack & Roll CupsFive ways to use Fisher Price Learning Toys for Babies:
1. Teach colors using the brightly colored cups.
2. Improve eye-hand coordination through stacking function.
3. Learn big, medium, and small through nesting and comparison of cups.
4. Teach sorting and problem solving as cups are organized.
5. Improve observation skills and teach curiosity as babies feel bumps and ridges on the textured cups.



Why I Love Fisher Price Learning Toys for Babies

Fisher Price Learning Toys for BabiesThe Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Stack & Roll Cups teaches a whole slew of STEM-related skills, and it gives parents and caretakers an opportunity to introduce some of the most basic math skills to babies at a very young age. For example, through the use of this toy babies can learn about shape and size relationships, they can learn colors, and they can even learn sorting skills.

But here’s one of the biggest perks of this toy: It’s durable, so it lasts for a long time, which  means parents will be able to teach new skills to children as they grow. We used this toy from the time my daughter was two months old until she was three, adding more difficult skills as she grew.

Fisher Price Learning Toys For Babies Work For Preschoolers, Too!

For example, as an infant we used the Fisher Price learning toy to teach her about textures and feels. By the time she was three we were using it to help her learn to count and do addition and subtraction. The cups are made of durable plastic so they’ll last a long time. At least, they did for us.

And even though my older daughter seems like she would be too big for this toy, she still plays with it quite a bit. Now, she builds the stacks of cups and pretends it’s a megaphone, or she uses it to pretend it’s a telescope. Frankly, this was one of the least-expensive toys I have ever purchased for my children, and it’s one that we’ve gotten the most mileage out of. I love it.

Do you have any Fisher Price learning toys for babies you would recommend? Please share in the comments. I’ve added a few more down below in case you’re looking for more ideas.

Also, here’s a great math toy for toddlers, if you’re in the market. Check it out.

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