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Dinosaur Toys for Preschoolers: Paleontology Fun For Little Ones

Dinosaur egg kit for preschoolersNo need to look any further for the best dinosaur toys for preschoolers — I’ve got the top toy right here! Leading up to my daughter’s birthday, I searched and searched for a STEM dinosaur toy that she would think is cool, but that would also teach her something. Guys, I hit. The. Jackpot. with these dinosaur eggs.

I happened across them accidentally when I was searching for something else, and they just looked too cool to pass up. I thought they absolutely looked like one of those dinosaur toys for preschoolers that I’d been searching for, so despite the semi-steep price tag, I went for it. I decided to make this dinosaur toy the so-called featured present of her birthday, and in her little heart, I won big.

Dinosaur Toys for Preschoolers On Amazon

 Dig It Up! Dinosaur EggsInside the Dig it Up! Dinosaur Egg kit:

This dinosaur toy kit includes 12 clay eggs, 12 excavation guides, and 12 chisels. Inside each egg is a two-inch dinosaur. Each of the 12 eggs contain a different dinosaur.

The kit also includes a guide so that children can match attributes of  their excavated dinosaur and identify the type of dinosaur they uncovered.

Additionally, the kit paperwork suggests that children use the rectangular box to create a diorama once each of the dinosaurs has been uncovered. More on that later.


Reasons to Love This Dinosaur Toy for Your Little Paleontologist

dinosaur toy for preschoolersFor my daughter, there were plenty of reasons to love this cool science kit. For one, it kept her entertained for quite some time, which allowed me to clean up a lot of her crazy dinosaur party!

But more seriously, the kit provides some pretty cool benefits. For one, it allows kids to work on their eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills as they use the chisel to remove the dinosaurs from the clay eggs. Additionally, kids who use this dinosaur science kit will have the opportunity to practice attribute and characteristic identification as they attempt to match their excavated dinosaur to the dinosaurs on the guide. Finally, the dino egg kit provides ample opportunity to help children build a base of fundamental science facts.

Our Experience with Dinosaur Toys for Preschoolers

Now that you know what’s inside the kit, let me tell you about my daughter’s experience with the dinosaur toy. The box we received looked a little bit different than the photo on Amazon, but everything inside was the same, so whew! Disaster averted.

When we opened up the box we found two rows of six neatly packaged dinosaur eggs. Each egg is wrapped in its own plastic bag complete with an excavation guide and a plastic chisel.

Dinosaur toys for preschoolersIn order to unearth the dinosaur toys, the user must first soak the egg for about five minutes in a cup of water. We used the leftover dinosaur cups from my daughter’s birthday party. In her mind, that was absolute fire. I mean, a dinosaur egg inside a dinosaur party cup? This four-year-old’s mind was blown.

Anyway, once the egg spent the allotted time softening up in the cup, we removed it and carefully began to chisel away at the egg. We made sure to angle the point of the plastic chisel away from our bodies at all times. Within minutes, she had unearthed her first dinosaur: a small, blue plesiosaurus. A water dinosaur? Yes, please. This long-time swimmer mom was happy to see the first dinosaur she uncovered was in love with the water.

Of course, once we started, my daughter wanted to do all the dinosaur eggs at the same time. I had to slow her down so that we had some to do in the following days, but soon we had excavated all the dinosaurs in this preschooler’s dinosaur toy.

Other Uses for Dinosaur Toys for Preschoolers

science toys for preschoolersNext, she made the recommended diorama. We used fake moss left over from her party, and making the diorama was as much fun as excavating the dinosaurs. I thought it would be a little difficult, but I found that it was fun for me to help her. We learned about the different dinosaur species as we strategically decided where to put them!

*Note, before you start, lay out some newspaper or a garbage bag or something of the sort. The damn clay can make quite the mess, and this will help you when it’s time to clean up.

Needless to say, I really liked this kit and thought it was one of the best dinosaur toys for preschoolers. My daughter loved it too, so I’m calling it a bit win. I have seen that the company has some other kits for sale on Amazon, so I’ll likely order some of those for Christmas. Check them out below.

If you’re looking for other dinosaur toy ideas for preschoolers, check out this post about dinosaur figures and science books. Also great ideas!

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