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Smart Toys: Microscope for Toddlers Introduces Science, STEM Learning in Kids

If you’re looking for smart toys, a microscope could be just what you need. In our household, we have a cute little microscope for toddlers that we all love. My daughters love it because it’s fun, and I love it because it introduces STEM learning in kids.

A family member gave this microscope to my preschooler for her birthday, and it’s been a big hit. Honestly, I’m not sure if my preschooler or my toddler likes it more! My older daughter walks around the yard and chooses things to check out under the microscope, while my toddler daughter likes to turn the light on and off and mimic her older sister.

Smart Toys: Microscope Teaches Stem Learning in Kids
Educational Insights EI-5112 GeoSafari Jr. My First MicroscopeEducational Insights EI-5112 GeoSafari Jr. My First Microscope

Features of this Microscope for toddlers:

-Has a large knob, which is great for little toddler hands.
-Also has large eye holes, which reduces frustration among little ones who aren’t used to looking through lenses.
-Has a light that shines on specimens, making them clear and easy to see.
-Made of plastic and is extremely durable.
Bright colors make it appealing to toddlers. My little ones couldn’t wait to get their hands on it!

Truly, my girls have found this smart toy to be absolutely delightful, and I have to agree. And not only are they excited about this toy, but I am too because it’s teaching STEM learning in kids!


Benefits of STEM Learning in Kids, And Why This Microscope for Toddlers Matters

microscope for toddlersThose responsible for shaping the education of our children repeat the same refrain, over and over: STEM learning in kids is extremely important. STEM education is going to help move us into the next era, and it’s going to make our children competitive in an ever-changing world. For example, did you know that the majority of our children are going to grow up and work in jobs that don’t even exist yet?

How can we, as parents, best prepare our children for the future if we don’t know what we’re preparing them for?! According to the experts, we have to do the best we can to verse them in science, technology, engineering and math: STEM.

Honestly, that’s why I am so excited about this microscope for toddlers. This toy encourages STEM learning in kids in so many different ways. It gives my daughters the opportunity to learn through observation while encouraging their curiosity. Additionally, it motivates them to get outside into nature and find things to examine under this microscope. Our entire world is made up of science! This toy encourages them to get out there and explore their world early, providing a foundation for the most basic science fundamentals.

Smart Toys: Microscope for Toddlers Teaches Basic Science Skills

microscope for toddlersI’ve labeled this a microscope for toddlers, but my preschooler plays with it just as much as my little one does. In fact, my preschooler opened this gift, but both girls have made good use of the toy.

Of course, they’ve used it in very different ways. As I mentioned, my preschooler traipses around the yard and searches for things to look at under the microscope. I’ve caught her doing basic experiments and making hypotheses. She does things like choose two different types of leaves and compare and contrast the leaves, or she scoops up chunks of dirt and searches for bugs or bits of debris. At times, she gets a little frustrated because she wants the magnification to be higher. Still, she thinks it’s pretty could that she can see things more clearly under the microscope.

microscope for toddlersMy toddler is not as sophisticated with the microscope, of course, but she is getting plenty of learning out of the toy, as well. First, she figured out how to keep things on the actual microscope, because she didn’t initially understand that she needed to leave the scope flat to look at things! A lesson in gravity, no? Haha. Once she figured out how to use the microscope, she decided she likes to experiment with turning the light on an off. Already, she’s comparing like her sister.

In short, I believe this microscope for toddlers is one of those toys we’re all searching for: the smart toys. Microscope for toddlers are great ideas if you’re searching for a gift and looking for something to stimulate STEM learning in kids. I know I’m extremely grateful for this gift.

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