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Smart Toys: Microscope for Toddlers Introduces Science, STEM Learning in Kids

microscope for toddlers

If you’re looking for smart toys, a microscope could be just what you need. In our household, we have a cute little microscope for toddlers that we all love. My daughters love it because it’s fun, and I love it because it introduces STEM learning in kids. A family member gave this microscope to my preschooler for her birthday, and it’s been a big hit. Honestly, I’m not sure if […]

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What’re the Best Educational Toys For Toddlers? Try This Kids Laptop to Teach Technology, Literacy

Technology toys for toddlers

I have people ask me all the time: What’re the best educational toys for toddlers? That’s a loaded question of course, because there are so, so many wonderful STEM toys for toddlers out there! I could (and obviously do!) talk about the top STEM toys for days and weeks and months and… you get it. Anyway, one of our absolute favorite education toys for toddlers is My First Leaptop from […]

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